Front & SideI want one

The Elio.  Three-wheeler.  Two seater (inline).  A 6'8" basketball player fits the rear seat. The driver seems to have more room than the driver of either of my Spridgets did. (When there was a second passenger, that is.)

84 MPG, $6,800.

I want one.

One possible drawback - in some (maybe most) jurisdictions it's considered a motorcycle, so you have to wear a helmet.

Not a deal-breaker.

Might be a deal-breaker on insurance, though.

Three-cylinder DOHC engine.  Five speed manual and automatic transmissions. Three-wheel antilock brakes.

84 MPG, $6,800.

I'm afraid it may turn out to be another Tucker - i'm a tad nervous about their finances.

Zoom!From their website:

Overall Length: 160.5" Overall Height: 54.2"
Front Wheel Track: 66.8"
Wheelbase: 110"
Headroom: Driver 39.8 Passenger 36.4 in
Seat width: Driver 20.6 Passenger 25.3 in
Interior Shoulder Width: 26.8 in
Front seat Legroom: 42.7 in
Rear seat Legroom: 33.1 in

Elio has been designed to fit 95% of all men. The tallest person we have had in the Elio is a 6’8" former college basketball player, the largest is a 6’3", 365 lb man, and the smallest is a 5’0" woman (no, we didn’t ask the weight!).

Rear and
                  InteriorI think i gonna plunk down the $100 deposit to reserve a place in line, even if they never actually build any or, if they do, i never buy one.

They have over 15,000 reservations already.

At 84 MPG, i could round-trip New Orleans on about six gallons of gas - roughly half what it took me to make the run when i was doing it regularly every couple months around 1990 in the Honda.

And, while gas prices are more than double in dollars, in real money ... not so much - inflation between 1990 and 2014 is 81% - four dollars today is equivalent to $2.21 in 1990 money.

84 MPG, $6,800.

I want one.

Going to be built in a former GM plant in Shreveport.

GM built Hummers there (not real ones, like the military ones - the H2 and H3, the ones based on an existing GM truck/SUV chassis).

Which, due to that stupid-looking over-sized body, actually had less cargo capacity than the regular ones.

So now these teeny things gonna be built there.  There's a certain symmetry to that..