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Getting Better All The Time
Betrayal in Death
"J. D. Robb" (Nora Roberts)

(This Page Is A Spoiler Note.
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Since Roberts' publisher saw fit to reveal in a Page One blurb that Dallas and her people manage quickly to match the rather brutal and distinctive MO of the first murder -- a young housekeeper in a hotel that Roarke owns, where, by no coincidence Roarke and Dallas are attending the opening gala of a possibly billion-credit auction of costumes, jewelry and other memorabilia of film star Magda Lane -- to a high-priced international killer for hire.

Even before the second killing, it's obvious that this is intended as a challenge and as a distraction to Rorake and Dallas, and as well, as a way to hurt Roarke personally, because of the rather paternalistic attitude he adopts toward his employees.

Now what could we be distracting them from? Hmmm. Billion credits...   Nah.
{{As i was typing up this page, i suddenly realised that one reason i like this one the best of the "Robb" books may well be that it kept reminding me subconsciously of the Deaf Man making another run at Carella and the rest of the 87th Precinct squad...}}.
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