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Cannonball Run
Burt Reynolds
, et al
Zero Stars
On Amazon i have to give at least one
Here i can be accurate
Stinks on ice.

More offensive, hence worse, than "Robot Monster".

The worst of the films inspired by the real "Cannonball Baker Sea-to-Shining-Sea Trophy Dash" created by and promoted in "Car & Driver" magazine by Brock Yates, who perpetrated the script for this thing.

I'd like to have been able to have given it two stars, if only for the amusing conceit of one of the drivers being played Roger Moore, as a rich Jewish boy who believes he's James Bond, driving Bond's gimmicked DB5 and with a different gorgeous girl riding with him every time we see him.

{{In my original version of this review, originally posted to Amazon, i repeated what i had been told as fact, that a stuntwoman was left paralysed due to a malfunction of one of the Bond car's gimmicks. By coincidence, almost immediately after posting the review, i read a news story that mentioned the incident and said that it had been a "routine" accident in filming.

{{While this is merely an accident, rather than the incompetence implied by the other version, one is still led to consider that quite a few stuntplayers die or are maimed/injured in filming "action" movies -- some even worse than this turkey.}}

Pass this up. Watch the vastly superior "Gumball Rally", or the merely greatly superior "Cannonball" (featuring a young Stallone and Veronica Hamel, among others including the usual Corman/Bartel Stock Company -- Corman and Brtel themselves, mary Woronov, Dick Miller, directors Joe Dante and Alan Arkush, and others whose faces you'll remember as soon as you see them, if not their names).