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Missing a Couple of Things
Dreams Fly Away
Linda Thompson
"Hysterical Dysphonia" -- which sounds amazingly like the name of an electronica act -- was the end of what could have been a truly astonishing career. From Linda's notes, it just got too hard to sing, and that's truly sad, because, along with the late Sandy Denny and Steeleye Span's long-time singer, Maddy Prior, Linda was one of the truly unique and beautiful voices to come from the late-Sixties London folk/rock scene.

I'd give this album five stars for performances, but it only gets four stars overall based on its exclusion of songs i had hoped it would include -- most specifically, "You Can't Stop the Girl", the opening track from her one solo album, "One Clear Moment", which has been covered by folkies, rockers, local riot grrl groups and country artists.

That gripe aside, there is enough to the good on this album that i unhesitatingly recommend it to anyone who enjoys folk/rock or simply beautiful vocal music, or to anyone who has listened to the albums Linda recorded with ex-husband Richard Thompson and thought of her as nothing more than "Richard's vocalist".

The version of RT's "Dimming of the Day" included here is almost worth the price of admission all by itself, for that matter, even without the accompanying story in the liner notes about holding hands with one of the Everly Brothers as they sang "Dimming of the Day" to *her*...