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Feature Review #16
CAUTION: Contains sexual situations,
language and humour.

The Human Comedy, 90's Fashion
Split-Level Dykes to Watch Out For
Alison Bechdel

I've been reading Alison Bechdel's "Dykes to Watch out For" books since i discovered her stuff in the "Funny Times" when there were only three books out.

She just keeps on getting better and better.

Speaking as a heterosexual male, i can say with some authority that Ms. Bechdel consistently touches on matters and issues that transcend her setting and move into the range of Consideration Of The Human Condition.

While the strips contained in this volume (as always) appeared on a weekly basis in various "alternative" publications, the best way to read them (again, as always) is in the form of this collection, in which one can follow the sweep and development of the story and the lives of her characters without having to wait a week for the answer to that question that is the bane of the wellpaced storyteller, the eternal "And then what happened?", and, as always, Ms Bechdel's book readers get some much-appreciated lagniappe, in the form of a book-only continuation of the story, showing us the barely-orchestrated chaos of trying to co-ordinate several near-traumatic moves by aeveral different organisationally-challenged people and only one truck.

Buying this book, like buying any in the series (except the first, which is really for completists only), is your ticket to an evening of watching a cast of wonderfully-eccentric old friends going through all the things you or i go through -- only funnier.

After you've finished this book, you're going to want the next one in the series -- "Post Dykes to Watch Out For"

CAUTION: Contains sexual situations,
language and humour.