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Feature Review #14
Folk/Rock/Something Great
Old Lead
Boiled in Lead
Boiled in Lead's first two albums on a single CD. A great buy if only for the amount of music you get; if you like music on the fringes of the electric folk movement -- Black 47 or The Pogues, for instance -- you need to give this set a try.

My favourites:

"Twa Corbies" -- one of the spookiest and most ominous versions of this trad murder ballad i have ever heard.

"House-Husband's Lament (Rockin' the Cradle)" -- the lament of a man who made a Great Mistake in love. Wry, twisted, and funny.

"Gypsy Rover" -- same song as the Clancy Bros' "Whistling Gypsy" -- but they'd never recognise it -- a screaming punked-out high-voltage version.

"Go Move Shift" -- a bitter and sardonic commentary on the way the homeless and jobless are all too often harried from place to place.(by Ralph McTell, i believe)

These are the standouts -- but there isn't a really *bad* track on the album.

Get it.

[Incidentally, if you like Boiled in Lead and also enjoy good, original fantasy fiction, you should definitely check out the books of Will Shetterly, Steven Brust and Emma Bull {particularly her War for the Oaks, set largely in the Minneapolis music community}]