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...I Drew My Snickersnee...
Flag in Exile
David Weber

If Manticore's politicians are so short-sighted and bound by personal enmity and cynical politics that they won't let the RMN make use of Honor's talents and abilities, rest assured that Protector Benjamin and *his* Admiralty are not.

The People's Republic of Haven has begun to swing the tide of battle a bit; if not actually in its own favour so far, at least a bit less one-sidedly toward Manticore.

While this book certainly has its quota of lasers, grasers and missiles and deadly space warfare, the more important parts are politics on Grayson, the religion-dominated world where Honor has been made the first female Steadholder (roughly a Royal Duke in terms of our own peerages, and very much the great feudal lord that such a title once implied).

On half-pay from the Manty Navy, she is invited to join the Grayson one -- as an Admiral. She does, and the usual results of giving Honor Harrington spaceships to play with ensue. (This woman attracts Forlorn Hope Last Stands like Jessica Fletcher atttracts murderers...)

Meanwhile, on Grayson, various reactionary elemsnts, offended at the thought of a woman having power, and even more offended that Honor had made no attempt to hide her relationship with her late lover, are trying to stir up bogotry and hatred against her... And some of them are very powerful men, indeed; men who will stop at nothing to discredit her, even if it means the deaths of countless innocents -- possibly even their own people!

But what this book is mostly notable for, in my opinion, is that it shows us more of the Grayson State Church of Humanity Unbound, and its God the Tester... And of Reverend Hanks, the physically but spiritually great man who stands at its head; a truly
Good Man in the way so few, even religious, are truly Good Men.[1]

And there is a terrible crime -- two terrible crimes, actually -- that shake Grayson and its society to their roots.

And Honor must stand, literally sword in hand, to bring justice to a  murderous traitor...

Good read.

[1] David swears he is not based on Archdeacon (later Bishop) Pinckney of the Diocese of Upper South Carolina, who we both had the good fortune of knowing while we were kids and he was Archdeacon in charge of missions in that diocese, but i cannot imagine any other face or voice for him... {return}
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