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Can Seriously Damage Your Computer/DANGEROUS/Do NOT Buy
Get Right with the Man
Van Zant
NO STARS -- See Text
*Probably* this disc won't cause problems on non-computer players (or on Macs, apparently), but it can *seriously* damage your Windows-based computer even now, and probably destroy future versions of the operating system.

While there are numerous Bad Possibilities inherent in using this disc's proprietary player software on any existing Windows 95/98/NT/2K/ME/XP system which result in annoyances and problems that can be worked around, i read recently that F-Secure tested it on Windows Longhorn/Vista and discovered that it completely destroyed that operating system.

As reported in a blog post by Mark Russinovitch of Sysinternals (which has been cited in other reviews of copy-protected CDs), this CD requires you to use its proprietary player software to listen to it on your computer, in order to prevent you from making more than three copies of the music. (The original post seems to be unavailable now; the link goes to a page summarising it.)

That is bad enough - but there's more:

This player installs dangerous (and very poorly written, making it more dangerous) malware called a "rootkit", which is undetectable and almost unremovable, even by the top virus/spyware protection products, on your system without your knowledge or permission.

The installed malware is unstable, resulting in the possibility of system crashes or data corruption, and removing it is likely to render your computer's CD or DVD discs completely unuseable.

And, beyond that, because of how poorly written this thing is, it provides a handy back door for any malicious person to install undectable worms or other malware on your computer.

Don't buy this disc or any other from SONY/BMG until they stop packaging them with this dangerous malware.

(Actual star rating should be about Negative 1000 because of the DRM crap, but Amazon's system won't allow that.)