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Best of the Pack
The Gumball Rally
Michael Sarrazin, Raul Julia
Of all the films inspired by the actual, illegal but exhilirating "Cannon Ball Baker Sea-to-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash" race that Brock Yates conceived of and promoted in the pages of "Car & Driver", this is the best -- and Yates's own "Cannonball Run" (1 *and* 2) are prolly the least best.

Raul Julia's line (delivered while ripping the rear-view mirror off the car he has been hired to co-drive and tossing it away) -- "Whats'a behind me is'a not important!" --  is a classic.

[Incidentally, director Chuck Bail (like Hal Needham a stuntman turned director) can be seen as the on-screen stunt co-ordinator in the wonderfully strange "The Stunt Man").]

Beautiful cars, driven as they were meant to be driven -- flat out on real streets and roads -- and a good cast portraying interesting if not particularly three-dimensional characters, and a not-too-silly script make this one worth the watching.
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