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Great CD (and even better really live)
Hot Rod Lincoln Live (VHS)
Bill Kirchen

If you're a Commander Cody fan and you have all the Cody/Airmen stuff you can find, then get over to the "K" aisle and start picking up on Bill Kirchen.

"Womb to the Tomb" is a neat little "magic reality truck" song.

All of the Cody classics covered here are, as one would expect, excellent -- particularly "Hot Rod Lincoln", which runs eight minutes, and has a middle section wherein Bill demonstrates he can make his Telecaster sound like anything, including Jimi Hendrix's left-handed Strat. (I caught his live show shortly after i bought this album, and the Really Live "Lincoln" ran more like fifteen minutes, with even more messing around, including longer "tribute" segments, including most of a verse of the Kinks' "You Really Got Me").

I could have stood another couple of tracks off the Cody album "Let's Rock", particularly "Rockabilly Funeral" (which was part of the live gig i caught) and "The Home of Rock'n'Roll" (which wasn't) -- but hey -- what's here is great.

If you like rockabilly or Western Swing; if you like Commander Cody (duh), Asleep at the Wheel or Jason & the Scorchers you probably ought to have this CD.