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Even Still More Liadens, Yet
I Dare
Steve Miller & Sharon Lee

Not yet reviewed; recommended on basis of previous volumes.
This is the latest (fourth) volume of stories set in Miller & Lee's "Liaden" universe.

I haven't read it yet, but i understand that this story follows on directly from the end of Plan B, with Shan, Priscilla, Val Con, Miri and Nelerik/Beautiful recovering from having kicked the Yxtrang off-planet.

Since the end of Plan B re-introduced some important characters from Pilot's Choice, one may be confident that the action in I Dare (the motto of Clan Korval) will be both quick and fascinating.

Though i haven't yet read this one (we have a copy on the way), i'm sure that it will hold up to the high standards Miller & Lee have set in previous volumes.

Certainly, on the basis of previous enjoyment, i am recommending this book to the reader.