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cover A Mistake
In Fury Born
David Weber
Disclaimer - David is my younger brother.

This isn't as bad as it could have been - if i'd never read the original, shorter - superior - "Path of the Fury", i would very probably have given this five stars.

But, as it is...

It's way too long.

Dave twists the storyline in the new, earlier parts of the book to make it fit the backstory he originally sketched in the shorter version, and i'm pretty sure it's inconsistent in places - even as rewritten here. (Some of the references to Alicia and Tanis's days in the Cadre don't seem to me to fit together between the newer and older parts, for instance.)

He uses some pretty heavy-handed retcons to insert stuff from the new material in the existing material (his handling of Alicia's grandfather is one such, in my opinion).

Basically, most of this project (the expansion) is an answer to a question that nobody really asked, not that needed to be answered.

Read the shorter version first - i'll bet you can find it cheap right here on Amazon - then wait a week or so and read this version.

(He even changed the spelling of one of the characters' name. If it was good enough a spelling for Thorne Smith, by golly...)