A Partial Listing of
Junior League Cookbooks
available through Amazon.com and its affiliates.

{Sorted by League Chapter}
This list will be expanded weekly {or so} (because there are too many and i'm too lazy to do it all at once), so check back every Monday to see if your favourite -- or your hometown --  is on it.

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{List updated as of 10/6/2002}
Beginnings (appetizers) Akron
The Bountiful Arbor Ann Arbor
Austin Entertains Austin
Collection Austin
Bound To Please Boise Boise
Coastal Cuisine Texas Style Brazosport, Texas
Beneath the Palms Brownsville, Texas
The Charlotte Cookbook Charlotte
Charlotte Cooks Again Charlotte
The Best of the Bushel Charlottesville
America Celebrates Columbus Columbus, Ohio
Delicioso! Corpus Cristi, Texas
Causing a Stir Dayton, Ohio
Colorado Cache Cookbook Denver
Creme De Colorado Denver
Aw Shucks Fort Wayne, Indiana
California Treasure Fresno
The Bess Collection Independence, Missouri
Back Home Again Indianapolis
Children's Party Book Hampton Roads, Virginia
Another Taste of Aloha Hawaii
Come On in Jackson Jackson, Mississippi
Beyond Parsley Kansas City
Company's Coming Kansas City
Bay Tables Mobile
Celebrations On the Bayou Monroe, Louisiana
Cotton Country Collection Monroe, Louisiana
Beyond Cotton Country Morgan County
Crescent City Collection New Orleans
California Fresh Cookbook Oakland/East Bay
California Fresh Harvest Oakland/East Bay
California Heritage Pasadena
California Heritage Continues Pasadene
Applehood And Motherpie Rochester
Brunch Basket Rockford, Illinois
Celebrate Sacramanto
Always in Season Salt Lake City
Capital Celebrations Washington, DC
Capital Classics Washington, DC
The Best of Wheeling Wheeling, West Virginia
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