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The Credit may be technically, correct, but it's more like the book...
Last Man Standing
Bruce Willis
dir. Walter Hill
While this film is credited as being a remake of "Yojimbo", it is actually a lot closer (and not just because it's set in Prohibition USA) to that film's uncredited-but-admitted source, Dashiell Hammett's "Continental Op" novel, "Red Harvest".

As usual, the over-rated Walter Hill goes for Existential Cinema, but mostly manages to deliver a rather silly story with well-staged action sequences. (To see these tendencies full-blown in Hill's work, try "The Driver".)

If you have a couple of days worth of spare time, you might want to read "Red Harvest", wacth "Yojimbo", "A Fistful of Dollars" and this film, and polish it all off with SF author David Drake's take on the story, "The Sharp End", to see how several journeyman-to-master creators handled the same material...