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Some Good Stuff Here
Live in Front of a Bunch of D*ckh**ds
Pinkard & Bowden
Songs like "The Fifties Suck", "Elvis Was a Narc", "Libyan on a Jet Plane" and "The Universal Adjective" (not to mention "I Was a Froggy", the deadliest parody *ever*) deserve five stars.

Some of the spoken "comedy" on this disc deserves *no* stars.

So we'll compromise at four, 'cos you can skip the dumb stuff.

Pinkard & Bowden write brilliant parodies (among their titles "Blue Hairs Drivin' in my Lane", "She Thinks I Steal Cars" and, my favourite of their parodies "Music Industry" which skewers both "Islands in the Stream" and the Nashville Establishment brilliantly) and almost- equally-brilliant originals (of which you should try to track down "Dylan for Dollars").

This album collects some of each. "The Fifties Suck" carpet-bombs nostalgia in general and the "Happy Days" kind in particular. "Libyan on a Jet Plane" is completely tasteless and somewhat offensive and hilariously funny.

And "I was a Froggy"... well, i won't spoil it. I have seen strong men fall down laughing when this song was played for the first time in their presence.

At one time P&B were working on re-issuing their earlier, vinyl-only studio albums on CD, and one huge, nearly-complete compilation still pops up occasonally on late-nite TV...

But, no matter what, you need this disc, if only for "Froggie" and "Elvis was a Narc"

((Incidentally, the last three or four tracks are studio recordings, not live.))