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Finally -- At Last -- and so on...
Partners in Necessity
{three Liaden novels}

Steve Miller/Sharon Lee
These three novels (A Conflict of Necesseties, Agent of Change, and Carpe Diem) have been favourites of mine ever since i first encoutnered them.

Long out of print, Meisha Merlin (headquartered here in Atlanta) has done the SF world a real service by bringing them back into print in this omnibus volume (and, as well, publishing the next volume in the series, "Plan B").

My favourite book of the three is "Conflict" -- at least partly because i am a confirmed fan of the Regency romances of Georgette Heyer; anyone familiar with those will find delicious echoes resounding throughout this story.

My favourite character, though, is Edger, the Clutch-Turtle ... a character who is simply indescribable in the space of this short review but wonderful in the extreme to watch in action.

And my favourite image is of an imaginary Galactic Parcel Express package ... with very concrete imaginary dust on it.

Worth every penny of the money and every minute of the wait if you order it.