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A Really Really Good Album That Should Have Been Great
Rising for the Moon
Fairport Convention
"Sandy Denny rejoins Fairport Convention" sounds like a recipe for a great album. But, somehow, it wasn't.

Perhaps it's because i just don't much like several of the songs. I don't much DISlike them either, and that's a recipe for apathy.

Of the songs that i DO like, i like a couple of them quite a bit, indeed -- as songs -- though i must agree that the production to some extent detracts even from the songs i do like.

That said, the title song is wonderful, Trevor's "Iron Lion" is one of the better railroad songs i've heard in a while, "White Dress" is almost achingly beautiful, "Stranger to Himself" is almost Dylanesque in its apparent symbolism, and, as others have remarked, "One More Chance" is a soaring wonder that shows what this band COULD have done, if they had been allowed/elected to soar to the heights that they could reach.

Sandy was only to be with us for a little while longer; it's sad that she and the band didn't take this chance to get together, rare back and fly.

That all having been said -- if you are at all a fan of Fairport, Sandy Denny or both, this album is one you need, if only for the title song and "One More Chance".

(The cover, by the way, is one of the prettier and more evocative of all the Fairport album covers)
A Later Note (11/26/05): Probably this album should be considered in tandem with "Before the Moon", a recent 2-disc set presenting two live shows recorded on the US tour that supported this album. (The Atlanta gig on that tour was cancelled at the last minute.) I haven't heard it yet, but it sounds like a fantastic set.
An Even Later Note (1/02/06) It is, it was, and you should buy it.