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Not So Much a Caper as a Stately Waltz
The Score

Dir. Frank Oz,
with Robert DeNiro
and Marlon Brando
I gave this two stars; i'd give it only one (which is all the script and direction really deserve), but anything that has DeNiro and Brando just breathing on the screen simultaneously is better than that.

But it's slow and it's dumb and it's a total waste of time. I find it hard to believe that baby celluloids died to make this film possible.

The script and the direction by the usually-reliable Frank Oz never manage to generate any significant amount of suspense or heat, and several technical details of the overall plot are ludicrous. Ed Norton as the potentially-treacherous partner is ridiculous and a bit offensive in his impersonation (to penetrate the targeted facility) of someone suffering some form of brain damage. Brando might as well not be there at all and DeNiro has phoned in a performance that is so monotone no particular part of it stands out as offensive or interesting.

Almost the only interesting parts of the film are the details of safecracking; and you can see more of that, with better stories wrapped around it, in Breaking In or Thief.

A total waste of time.