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Do You Have To Be British To Do This Sort
Of Thing Right?

Still Crazy VHS or DVD
Stephen Rea, Billy Connolly
"If women are from Venus, and men are from Mars, then drummers must be from Pluto..."
(just one absolutely perfect line among many from this near-perfect film.)

The only thing i've seen in years that can compare to this is "The Commitments" [since first writing this review, i have been informed that it was written by the same screenwriters]; both films get into the conflicts and camaradery and stress and joy and pain and happiness that being part of a band -- even a mediocre or even a bad one -- can involve.

Even though i knew it was all fiction, i didn't for a minute doubt that these guys really were Strange Fruit, a band that almost went somewhere twenty years ago, and then broke up under strange circumstances.

And i was rooting all along for them to pull it off, to make a success of their reunion, to finally get the breaks they didn't get twenty-odd years ago.

A tour-de-force from beginning to end, this is a film that lets those of us on the outside know what it's like on the other side of the footlights... and in the dressing room... and on the tour bus...

Don't start watching this one unless you're willing to give it your full attention... because it's worth it.