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I Only Saw Part of This Film...


...but the weird part is that, based on the last third or so, this piece of cheesy martial arts/ghost story/jiggle exploitation was inspired heavily by Sergio Leone's brilliant Once Upon a Time in the West (which you ought to check out) -- in just the part i saw i caught at least four or five references to the soundtrack from that film, particularly the wailing harmonica phrase that cued the entrances of the Mysterious Avenger and the almost-identical endtheme with soaring wordless soprano vocals as she rides away.

((They also used a shot of Claudia Cardinale's theme from "OUaTitW" for the younger girl)).

Apparently the main bad guy has no idea why this girl is hunting him down, but -- again as in the Leone -- as he dies he finally sees a flashback that gives it to him.

I'm going to have to try to catch the whole thing and see just how closely it actually resembles the Leone...
Caught it later, and, indeed, it's darn near a
shot-for-shot remake of the Leone.
BTW -- the blond on the box is not the girl
who stars in the film.