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Everyone Agreed It Was Great..
The Trinity Session
Cowboy Junkies
EVERYONE agreed that this was a great album, back when it came out.   I mean EVERYBODY -- Rolling Stone, Time Magazine, radio reviewers on NBC and NPR, local reviewers, even Lou Reed...

So it was 1989, and i was in New Orleans to see Fred LeBlanc {now front man of brilliant New Orleans band  Cowboy Mouth} do his last gigs as Dash Rip Rock's drummer, and i needed some music to listen to on the way home to Atlanta.

I bought three CDs at Tower Records and hit the Interstate.

I don't remember what the other two CDs even were, but i DO remember that, by the time i made Atlanta (a nine-hour drive) i had listened to this CD at least three times all the way through.

I still listen to it every so often -- "200 More Miles" is absolutely brilliant, their versions of both "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" and "Walking After Midnight" are eerily ghostly, and their version iof "Sweet Jane' is the third-best i've ever heard (after Reed's own version with the Velvets and 2 Nice Girls' seamless merging of the song with a Joan Armatrading tune -- Reed has been quoted as saying that if he'd heard the Girls' version before he heard the Junkies', he might not have called CJ's the best cover he'd ever heard...)

A brilliant set of performances with breath-taking sound (though a bit peculiar, since they had to run Margo's mike thru one of the instrument amps) showing a brilliant band at the beginning of its best years.

If you're buying only one of their albums, this is the one to buy.