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Gone Much Too Soon, But Hardly Forgotten...
Who Knows Where the Time Goes
Sandy Denny
There are songs on this set that will freeze your heart with their beauty and sadness.

I remember sitting in a laundromat in 1978, reading a music magazine, and suddenly seeing the unbelievable news that Sandy Denny had died.

There are performances on this set that will cause you to re-evaluate and redefine the way you think about folk music.

I remember standing in a light drizzle next to Sandy's grave in 1990, with one of these 3 CDs playing "Take Away the Load" (recorded by Fairport Convention as "Sandy's Song") in my headphones as i thought about what a loss we had suffered when she left us, and tears mixed with the raindrops on my cheeks.

This set covers aspects of Sandy's entire, sadly short career, and shows us many sides of her talent as singer and writer; lets us hear again her beautiful voice and sure-handed interpretations of her own material and other songs, both traditional and contemporary.

This is not exactly the set that i would have compiled, as it omits a couple of pieces -- Dylan's "Percy's Song" with Fairport (in semi-French!)and the title song from her last album with Fairport "Rising for the Moon", particularly -- but it is still an excellent selection and incredible value for the money.

If you remember Sandy, you already know you need this set.

If you're too young to remember Sandy (has it really been 22 years?), but you are a fan of British folk and folk/rock, i'm telling you that you need this set.

And if you just like beautiful vocals and haunting songs, then you probably need this set.