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Fun as Usual, But That Spoiler...!
Witness in Death
J.D.Robb (Nora Roberts)
At some point, i'll probably get around to writing a longer and more comprehensive review of this book -- i hope to review the whole series eventually -- but i have got to say one thing here.

How could she?

This book, with no warning at all, begins with a total spoiler for a famous mystery novel/play!

While the work in question, one of Dame Agatha's neat little thrillers [not "The Mousetrap" or "Ten Little [Whatevers]", though), can arguably be said to have been around long enough that most people who might be interested will know the ending, i still couldn't believe my eyes as i read the first chapter of this book.


What if i wrote reviews giving away the endings of the other "in Death" books, on the theory that they've been out for a while and anyone who cares will know the endings?