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29 September 2006
  The Daily Show Deconstructs Press Coverage of Clinton's FOX Interview
27 September 2006
  Bush League Logic
It's been a while since i posted here, but i read over the following after i posted it on the rec.arts.sf.fandom newsgroup and i thought to myself, "Self, old boy," thought i, "That's a ready-made blog post if ever i saw one, and you have been neglecting your blog of late."

Intelligence report is made public

(Reuters) - President George W. Bush blasted political opponents on
Tuesday for selectively leaking from a secret intelligence assessment
on global terrorism...


At a news conference with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, Bush said it
was "a bad habit for our government to declassify every time there's a

But he said he decided to make it public so "you can read it for
yourself" and stop the speculation that he said was aimed at confusing
the American public.

"Somebody has taken it upon themselves to leak classified information
for political purposes," Bush said.


He's shocked, Ricky, shocked I tell you, that someone actually leaked classified information.

Which has, obviously, never been done before in DC - or if it has, it certainly wasn't Republicans who did it.

(Can you hear the butter not melting in hs mouth? Sure - i knew you could!)


Valarie Plame.

Ken Starr.

He complains (not in this article, but it's been quoted) that no-one
should jump to conclusions based on remours until they see the full

And then makes less than four pages of a thirty-page document


He disputes the findings of a National Intelligence Estimate that
says, as seems to be borne out by the news reports and comments by
people who have Been There that the war in Iraq is, in fact, fuelling
global terrorism and increasing threat levels, and says that we
shouldn't act on such "naive" conclusions.

But he stands behind his decision to go to war based on a 2002 NIE
that falsely flatly stated that Saddam had chem and bio weapons
stockpiles and was on the way to going nuclear, despite it haveing,
subsequently, proven wrong.

And, of course, he still stands (at least implicitly) behind his
allegations that Iraq and el Qaeda were in cahoots.*


Hmm ...

(cough cough)

{Excuse me, something seems to be sticking in my throat}

(cough cough)

*Which is, of course, ludicrous and impossible, since everyone knows that Cahoots is a ghost town in the southwest corner of Nevada...
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