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Baby Pictures! I'm a Grandpa!
Updated 16 March 06.
more baby pics, stereo pics added.
I'm working on a cookbook of my own recipes. Drop me an email to be notified when it's ready.
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online reference for cartoons & comics.
My sister Kathrin Weber Scott is a weaver. Her husband David does hand woodworking. Click here to see.

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Family and Other Interesting Things
Wooden screen hand-made by David Scott.
Hand-woven inserts by Kathrin Weber Scott.
Stepdaughter Helen with Fred LeBlanc (drummer/lead singer, Cowboy Mouth) -- Post-show, Atlanta
Search Cowboy Mouth tour dates.
"Ev'rybody got
somethin' to hide...
The greatest cookbook
in the world.
my sister Kathrin Scott with hand-dyed yarn ready for weaving.
Kathrin Weber Scott with hand-dyed yarn