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The Rockin'est band you'll ever hear
Cowboy Mouth
New Orleans, Louisiana!
Word of Mouth The first.  Remastered and expanded
Contains CM's first recording of "Jenny Says".
Some good songs on here they do less often than they used to live.
(an earlier version may be found on Dash Rip Rock's second album, "Ace of Clubs ")
Mouthin' Off
(live in France)
Early live performance; includes some songs they seldom perform live any more.
It Means Escape Still my favourite of their albums.
First release of "How Do You Tell Someone?" and "Here I Sit in Prison (Yippee-I-Yay)"
Are You With Me? Major Label at last!!!
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Mercyland Second Major Label album
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Live EP Five incredible live tracks.  
Originally distributed free with first run of the "Mercyland" album
This link is to Cowboy Mouth Homepage; Amazon does not seem to offer this item.
All You Need Is Live One hour of incredible rock'n'roll.
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..."you're not allowed to sit and stare
we'll do out best to make you care
we'll leave you feeling great i swear
we're a little more than halfway there..."
"The Ballad of Cowboy Mouth" © Cowboy Mouth
Easy A bit of a new sound; still great music.
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Solo Albums
Cowboy Mouth Members
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Fred leBlanc
Double DAMMIT! Expanded and remastered version of Fred's original EP, "DAMMIT!"|
Playing the Games of My Life |...there was this French photographer, see, and he happened to have this rubber nose in his pocket...
Paul Sanchez
Jet Black & Jealous Originally released on a small Atlanta label, this was out of print for years.
Wasted Lives & Buegrass A potent combination, found in bars and honkytonks everywhere.
Loose Parts More by Paul
Sonoma Valley Even Yet More by Paul
Sold Out at Carrollton Station Live in New Orleans.
John Thomas Griffith
Son of an Engineer The Griff. Great songs, incredible guitar.
Aluminum More by JTG _new