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Books by Dave Duncan
"A Man of His Word"
The Adventures of Rap the stableboy and Queen Inosolan of Krasnegar; a huge sweeping series that roams all over a large and fascinatingly imagined world; a new and novel rationale and system of magic.
Magic Casement This is the book that kicks off eight books worth of hairsbreadth escapes, desparate last stands, last-minute strategems, love, hate & selfless sacrifice, bravery & cowardice and magic, sorcery, general enchantment and other eternal verities like that there.

An entirely original world and system of magic, so far as i can tell, and it's a toss-up whether Rap the stable-boy or the "Gang" is the more fascinating characterisation.

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Faery Lands Forlorn Stable-boy Rap continues his search for Princess (rightfully Queen) Inosolan.
More of  Duncan's original schema of magick is revealed, and we learn more about
Pandemia's varied races.
More slam-bang action, intrigue,
confusion and adventures.
Rap learns more of his own abilities and potentials.

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Perilous Seas Humour, danger, intrigue, horror, 
beauty  and adventure.
Growing in power and abilities all the time, stable-boy-turned-occult-genius Rap's dash literally across the world in one desparate last attempt to rescue his rightful Queen, Inosolan, seems to end
in horrible failure.

Is All Lost?

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Emperor and Clown Everything comes to a stunning climax in Hub,
the capital of the Impire.
Or does it?
Something is
Still Not Right.
An appropriately dazzling ending to this complex and fast-moving series.
"A Handful of Men"
The further adventures of Rap and Inos (and their children), fifteen years after "Man of His Word".
There are still some parts of Pandemia we didn't visit in the first series.
The Cutting Edge
Fifteen years after Rap and Inos
Saved The World,
as it were, it begins to seem as if the World is not
Quite So Saved
as one might wish...
Upland Outlaws Warlocks and pixies and trolls, oh my!
The Stricken Field Rap and Inos ((and now their children)) flee the wrath of an insane and apparently all-powerful warlock.
Rap begins assembling all of the free sorcerors he can find. They are all Rather Odd -- and some are
Rather Odder than others.
The Living God The climax, the conclusion, the resolution
of all eight volumes.
Rewards and punishments and triumphs and losses.
((Don't read the on-line Kirkus Review of this book -- it contains a Major Spoiler))
"The King's Blades"
A new world, an order of powerful swordsmen, soldiers and statesmen, Blades, whose loyalty is mystically assured.
The Gilded Chain
A Tale of the King's Blades
A New Series.
A Henry VIII-type setting.
The Blades themselves are a fascinating secular militant order, bound by unbreakable spells and oaths of loyalty to their King.
This story contains a description of a Really Nasty magical ritual.
Lord of the Fire Lands
A Tale of the King's Blades
Overlapping the first book in time, this is the stand-alone tale of Raider, brilliant candidate for Blade, who shockingly rejects the honour.
The ending of this book seems to contradict the ending of Gilded Chain, but have faith in the Master -- all will be made well.
Sky of Swords
A Tale of the King's Blades
The Latest.
I never doubted that Duncan would resolve the seemingly irreconciliable contradictions between the first two books.
He does, but i actually feel as if it was just a bit too easy...
Sir Stalwart
First Tale of the King's Daggers
Stalwart is a fully-trained Blade, but is expelled from training just before he is to be Bound.
Under this cover of disgrace, he and a similarly-falsely disgraced member of the witch-sniffing White Sisters are The King's Daggers -- Secret agents extraordinaire.
The Crooked House
Second Tale of the King's Daggers
Beginning right after the end of the previous volume, this one sends Stalwart and Emerald out to investigate reports of Evil Magic.
Of course the reports are true...
((About a PG-13-rated read, as there are some darker elements, but All Is Well in the end.))