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<--Honor Harrington A. Bechdel's "Dykes to Watch Out For"-->
More Books By David Weber:
The Apocalypse Troll StandAlone Invasion through Space and Time.
Path of the Fury StandAlone {to date} Space Opera of a high order -- with Something Extra.
My own favourite so far.
Three fascinating protagonists.
Mutineers' Moon First of the "Dahak" Series by DW What if the Moon... wasn't?
The Armaggedon Inheritance Dahak #2 I just appointed myself WHAT?
Heirs of Empire Dahak #3 Third in the "Dahak" series:
Dealing with overwhelmingly powerful external enemies is easy -- you can see them.
It's the hidden ones behind you that are dangerous...
Oath of Swords fantasy from DW;
Bahzell's first adventure
Can you say "Orc Paladin"?
Sure -- i knew you could!
The War God's Own
The War God's Own {HC}
fantasy from DW;
Bahzell #2
Second Adventure of Bahzell Bloody-Hand
Insurrection Starfire #1 The Fringe Worlds have finally had
all they can take.
Now the Corporate Worlds will discover just what their policies have been sowing;
a bitter reaping, indeed.
Crusade Starfire #2 Beliefs are strong things.

Wrong beliefs are sometimes deadly things.
In Death Ground Starfire #3 An enemy who attacks with no warning, with no cause...
Who not only will not communicate but quite possibly cannot...

"In death ground -- fight!"