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(Finally in Chronological Order, I think)
Notes on Terry Pratchett

The Colour of Magic The first.

The Discworld's most inept wizard hires out as a tourist guide.

Is Ankh-Morpork ready for this?
The Light Fantastic

Further adventures of Rincewind & the Luggage.
Equal Rites
Granny Weatherwax doesn't hold with girls being wizards.

But it's the little girl's rightful heritage...
Death takes an apprentice.

Death's idea of "compassion"?
(Click for full review.)
Rincewind, the daughter of Cohen the Barbarian, and the Luggage
a young man who may well have the power to rule the world...
Wyrd Sisters
The King is dead and Granny, Nanny and Magrat have to make sure that the Rightful King takes the throne.

The Scottish Play and assorted other stories will Never Be The Same.
Something is rotten in the State of Djellibeybi...
Guards! Guards!
Virtually every fantasy has spear carriers,
whose main function is to be
Dealt With
by the Hero.

This is their story...
Moving Pictures
"Lots of people can sell sausages."

"Yeh -- but Mr Dibbler can sell sausages to people what has bought sausages off of him before!"

((Also Playing:
The Incredible Story
Gaspode, the Wonder Dog))
The Reaper Man
Suppose Death was fired...
(Setting aside, for a moment, the rather sacry question: "Who might have the Authority to sack Death?"...)

Suppose that things were dying
but not Going Away...

Suppose that cities really are living things -- very large and slow-moving, but living...
And then imagine
(if it isn't too horrible to contemplate)
What might prey on cities...
Witches Abroad
Someone is making Stories real.
That's Not Right.

Granny Weatherwax isn't real big on
"Good and Evil"...
But she's hell on wheels on
"Right and Wrong"
Small Gods Belief is a powerful thing.

It's the one thing that the Gods
are afraid of.
Lords & Ladies Everything you think you know about elves is probably wrong.

Here's where you find out.

If you're lucky, you may live long enough for the information to be useful to you.
Men at Arms The Guard is now an Equal Opportunity Employer.

God save the marks.
(And even people who have never met Dibbler, for that matter...)
Soul Music It will never die.
It was meant to be that way.
Here's the reason why...

((My Personal Favourite so far))
Feet of Clay One of the more literal titles in the series...
Interesting Times Rincewind, Twoflowers, the Luggage and Cohen the Barbarian {and friends} on the Counterweight Continent.

Will there be any survivors?
Maskerade Some weird guy in a mask
is lurking in the flies?

That's the least of your problems.

Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg are coming to the Opera.

And they've brought Greebo...

Hogfather (PB)
Leave it to one anthropomorphic personification of a universal principle to come to the aid of another anthropomorphic personification of a universal principle in times of need.

But then who does his job...?

Jingo (PB)
Well, it was just a little war...
The Last Continent Another misadventure of Rincewind.

They've got these wierd animals, right, and these sticks that you can't throw away, see, and...
Carpe Jugulum Vampires, TP style.
In Lancre.

Granny Does Not Approve of non-native predators of any sort.
The Fifth Elephant Four gigantic elephants carry the Discworld on their shoulders.

Long long ago, the fifth fell out of the sky like a meteor, adding deep underground prime tallow and fat deposits to the gold and iron -- but never silver -- that's mined in Uberwald.

Sam Vimes on a Diplomatic Mission and Captain Carrot on his own in the land of vampires and werewolves... 
The Truth Ankh-Morpork has a Crusading Newspaper.

This could be scary.

Notes on
Terry Pratchett
(quoted from one of his books)

Terry Pratchett was born in 1948. He started work as a journalist one day in 1965 and saw his first corpse three hours later, work experience meaning something in those days.

After doing just about every job it's possible to do in provincial journalism--except of course covering Saturday afternoon football--he joined the Central Electricity Generating
Board and became press officer for four nuclear power stations. He'd write a book about his experiences if he thought anyone would believe it.

All this came to an end in 1987 when it became obvious that the Discworld series was much more enjoyable than real work. Since then the books have reached double figures and have a regular place in the bestseller lists. He also writes books for younger readers. Occasionally he gets accused of literature.

Terry Pratchett lives in Wiltshire with his wife Lyn and daughter Rhianna. He says writing is the most fun anyone can have by themselves.
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