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Why was there a still from this on Captain Furillos's wall?
Electra-Glide in Blue (DVD)
Electra-Glide in Blue (VHS)
Robert Blake
Robert Blake as "Big John" Wintergreen is the important part of this film.

Not to say that the motorcycle chase setpiece isn't worth watching.

Not that the end of the film isn't ironic and powerful.

But Bobby Blake simply *owns* this film.

As Arizona motorcycle patrolman John Wintergreen, Blake gives an excellent portrayal of a man who remains idealistic despite the cynicism that his job normally engenders.

As other reviewers have mentioned, this film forms an almost certainly unintended (and somewhat tenuous, but nonetheless real) stylistic trilogy with "Easy Rider" and "Vanishing Point", examining issues and aspects of the counterculture of the 70s through the lens of America's addiction to gasoline.

Of particular ironic (and iconic) interest to myself and other Viet Nam veterans is the scene betwen Big John and the truck driver...

And the poignance of the ending is unquestionable, reflecting the cynical view that "No good deed goes unpunished."

((Why was a still from this film displayed with other photos, awards and trophies on Captain Furillo's office wall on "Hill Street Blues"?))

((Incidentally, while director Guercio was, as has been mentioned, horn band Chicago's producer, before that he played bass for Frank Zappa in the Mothers of Invention...))