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Looking Back to the Beginning of Time
Mike Nesmith's "Elephant Parts"
Mike Nesmith's mother invented Liquid Paper. She sold it to a Major Corporation, which marketed it.  People concentrate and inhale Liquid Paper fumes and get high and damage their brains.

Mike Nesmith invented MTV. He sold the idea to a Major Corporation, which marketed it.  People concentrate on  MTV and damage their brains worse than do some of the ones the ones who sniff Liquid Paper.

But this wonderful "video album", as Nesmith called it, represents what MTV could have been, if he had developed it himself, instead of selling the infant idea .

The three or four music videos scattered thru the show are uniformly wonderful; i'm not sure whether i prefer "Cruisin'" (that's a Very Young Terry (Hulk) Hogan wearing shades and a red Speedo as Sunset Sam) or "Rio" , but it's all good.

Of the comedy/surreal material, i think that my favourite piece is the "Elvis Drugs" ad -- "Let's face it, running the world is a bitch, and they were totally unprepared ... All Shook Uppers, Love Me Tenderisers and Blue Suede Ludes!"

A short-lived and virtually unknown teevee series, "Television Parts" which was developed from this and sort of ran on NBC (i think) featured more of the same; it was also available on VHS at one time and would be worth looking for.