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Album CoverThe Librarian Sings?
Music for Elevators
Anthony Stewart Head

My original notice (below) that this album was coming out was written before i'd had a chance to hear it.

Now i have heard it.

While it's not at all bad -- pretty good for its type -- it's not what i had either anticipated or hoped for. I was sort of hoping for an acoustic album of more-or-less classic rock, given that we've twice seen ASH performing much that sort of thing on Buffy, but that was not to be.

What we have here is basically a sort of low-key techno/electronica album -- not a genre with which i am particularly comfortable. I can appreciate its finer qualities, without finding the genre particularly appealing.

My stepdaughter (18) liked it fairly well, i believe, which tells me that it's a decent example of its type, hence a three-star rating i will probably not listen to again of my own choice, but i would not walk out of the room if someone else played it.

Again, i find myself repeating a quote from the Firesign Theatre's bizarre electric western film, Zachariah -- "[It's] what yer lookin' fer, if that's what yer lookin' fer..."
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My Original Notice of the Album's Release
Anthony Stewart head was once best known in this country for coffee ads.

These days, he's better known as Giles, the Extremely Tweedy British librarian/Watcher/magic-store owner on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

But, before that, he had an Interesting History.

In 1990, i was in London; there were posters up all over the place for a new production of "Rocky Horror"; the name i recognised was Ade Edmondson, which i recognised as that of the actor who had played Vivian, the punk med student, on the British teevee series "The Young Ones".

If one remembers that series and that character, then one may imagine my bemusement to discover that Edmondson was playing Brad.

Now imagine my bemusement a few months back when i discovered that Anthony Stewart Head, good old tweedy Giles {sometimes known to his fans as "ASH"} had played Frank N. Furter.

And then i found pics of him in costume on the Web.

And now he's got a CD out. I haven't heard it, so i can't actually review it, but i've heard him sing, and it's prolly worth a listen.

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