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Road Picture from Another Universe
Motorama (video)
This is a film for people who love Cult Movies, the way "Straight to Hell" was a film for people who love Spaghetti Westerns -- it ultimately makes no sense, but every scene seems Fraught, and every shot and line and action resonates with something from the Cult Film world.

The presence of Mary Woronov and Dick Miller suggests a Roger Corman* connection; Vince Edwards has a cameo as a doctor, Flea, Meatloaf and Shelley Berman (among others) have cameos.

A friend of mine once asked me to describe this film, so he could decide if he wanted to watch it.

I said "You saw 'Repo Man', didn't you?"

He said "Yup".

I said, "Okay -- imagine that all the repo men decide to knock off early one day and go to a movie. And at that theatre, they see a road picture...

"'Motorama' is the road picture the repo men would see on their day off."

If that appeals to you, then go for it!

I love it -- but i think "Battle Beyond the Stars" and "Dark Star" are two of the ten greatest science-fiction films ever made, too...
*Click [here] and [here] for other books about Roger Corman