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cover shotThey Still Make Westerns -- They're Just Disguised.
The Fast & The Furious
Vin Diesel
I've seen this film (or at least the same story) about four or five times, but mostly the characters were riding horses, not super-tuned cars.

The plot -- such as it is -- is a thin excuse to hang the cars, girls and stunts on, but it's a good, solid, time-proven plot that works real good.

((My step-daughter, who has borne my dissertations on why the lame Nick Cage remake of Gone in 60 Seconds was inferior to the original due to the producers insisting on adding an actual plot, pointed out that this film has a plot and it's pretty good. I allowed as how that was because it was a plot that made sense.))

While the thrust of the film (and of the article that inspired it) involves super-tuned asian sedans, the big set-piece stunt sequence finale of the film involves a truly awesome nine-second blown Dodge, proving once again that there's no real substitute for plain old cubic inches when it's time to really move the mail.

((Ford enthusiast that i was in the Sixties and Seventies, i still had to look away the first time i saw that sequence. No matter what make you prefer, it's still a painful few seconds for any motorhead to watch.))

Most of the cast are adequate to their jobs; Vin Diesel is the outstanding exception, recalling the young Lee Marvin in his portrayal of a tough man who knows he's tough and doesn't need to prove it.

The truck highjacking sequences belong in another movie -- no way this sort of Road Warrior-style stuff would be able to go on without the cops showing up. The interactions between the local cops and the FBI are typical movie stuff; amusing but improbable.

And that final stunt -- though not the equal of the final stunt in the original Gone in 60 Seconds -- is both spectacular and appropriate to the overall form and content of the film.

Fun, some really nice driving/stunt sequences, nothing really durable to take away with you but you won't find yourself considering stopping by the box office and demanding a refund of your wasted time, as i did after the Gone in 60 Seconds remake.