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File Under: Celtodelic Rock'n'Reel Worldbeat
From the Ladle to the Grave
Boiled in Lead
This is a fascinating album, if only because the packaging might almost have been designed to scare folk fans away -- it looks like a heavy-metal band (and with that name...)

But, once you get past that, this is Great Stuff... if you're not the type who insists on "authenticity" or "appropriate instruments". If you like Fairport Convention and/or the Pogues, you will most likely like BiL.

On this particular album, the standouts are:

"Madman Mora Blues", which is a lovely modern take on the traditional theme of the madman. While it takes a different attitude, if compared with Fairport's "Crazy Man Michael", it does not suffer in the comparison.

"The MicroOrganism" -- a love song, a plague song, a strange haunting ballad for the Age of HIV.

"Pig Dog Daddy" -- screaming punk mayhem with one of the funniest lyrics in a long time.

You should buy this album.
[Incidentally, if you like Boiled in Lead and also enjoy good, original fantasy fiction, you should definitely check out the books of Will Shetterley, Steven Brust and Emma Bull {particularly  her War for the Oaks, set largely in the Minneapolis music community}]