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My First. Far From My Last.
Full House
Fairport Convention
In 1972, i heard "Sir Patrick Spens" on WREK (Georgia Tech station), called to find out who it was, went straight to a record store and bought this album. This was to be the start of a continuing obsession with Fairport and British/Celtic folk-rock bands in general.

This was a turning point for Fairport; the departure of Sandy Denny had left them with no vocalist, and Ashley (Tyger) Hutchings's absence left them with no bass player, either. The arrival of Swarb's old mate, Dave Pegg (in 2000, Peggie is now the longest-serving member and leader of the band) handily filled in the bass player slot, but that still left no singer.

So Richard and Swarb and Simon became singers.

Aside from "Spens", some of the highlights of this album include "Sloth" (which, played live, has clocked in at fourteen-plus minutes on more than one occasion), "Walk Awhile" and "Flatback Caper", a series of variations on a folk instrumental.

Richard and Simon's guitars, Peggie's bass, Swarb's fiddle and DM's drums complement each other perfectly.

This one is in the running for Best Fairport Album (which also puts it Very Near the top for Best Folk-Rock Album).

And the liner-notes (by RT, i believe) are a hoot.

And as to the title, which bugged me for a while -- three guys named Dave and two guitar-players; all caricatured as Tarot cards on the cover.