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Not the Worst...
Good Music
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
This is not JJ's weakest album -- that would be "The Hit List" (which is still worth giving a listen, actually) -- but it's not that close to her best, either.

That said, getting backing from the Beach Boys on "Fun Fun Fun" was a stroke of genius, another Jett version of "Roadrunner" is always welcome, "This Means War" isn't bad...

And the title cut is Incredible! If "Good Music" was the only listenable cut among a mass of repulsive garbage, this CD would still rate at least two stars.

Joan and the Blackhearts know the history of rock'n'roll, and they demonstrate that fact here, with a quick musical tour of the genre that reaches a conclusion that i reached some time ago -- "I'm a little messed up, but I could be all right if I could hear a loud guitar all night!"

Long Live Good Music!

Long Live Joan Jett!