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Originally a Promo Item, but well worth having
Cowboy Mouth
This disc was originally a freebie that came rubber-banded to the first run of the Mouth's second major-label album, Mercyland.

These are typical kickin' Cowboy Mouth live versions of some of their sugnature tunes.

At least some of these tracks ("Love of My Life", at least, i believe) were recorded in Atlanta at various functions like Barnes's Birthday Party sponsored by local station 99X (WNNX), which was very supportive of the Mouth in the early days.

Best tracks on the disc are the afore-mentioned "Love of My Life", one of the hottest readings of the song (a staple of live shows) that i have ever heard, and Paul's "Little Blue One", two looks -- one ("Love", a Fred raver) from the viewpoint of someone who is more than happy to have gotten out of a relationship gone thoroughly and amusingly bad, the other that of someone trying to convince himself that he's gotten over her and never even thinks of her anymore ... despite hearing her voice on the radio in his dreams. (Arguably Paul's best song for CM -- though "The Stars Remind me of You", a little gem of a country-tinged weeper, that invokes the ghost of Hank, Sr. in two verses, a vocal bridge and guitar solo by Griff in 1:43 is prettier.)

In some ways this disc presents a better picture of CM live than either of their two live albums. Well worth it if you've seen and liked them live.

(Four stars instead of five because, well, it's a live disc and kinda ragged in some minor spots where it didn't have to be...)