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Now I Want You All to Cast Your Minds Back...
Live (1975 - 1985).
Bruce Springsteen
Nineteen-eighty-seven was a heck of a year in the music industry.

CD players were finally selling for reasonable real-world prices; things were as likely to turn up on CD as on LP for first release, and the record companies were finally starting to turn out some catalog CDs.

And then they announced this set... and that was when my wife and i decided that we actually needed a CD player.

And the next day we bought a CD player and this set.

In the years since, i have not regretted either purchase. While this is hardly all of Springsteen's output from the years covered, nor is it necessarily, by some objective standard, the "best", what it is, is the equivalent of a really good concert performance by Springsteen at the peak of his art.

And everybody needs that.