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The Stars are for the Effects, Not the Stars
Men in Black 2
Tommy Lee Jones, Will Smith

Actually, that's not quite fair -- Tommy Lee Jones rises above the material he's been handed (mostly, anyway -- the "I do the driving" sequence isn't very funny and doesn't redound to his credit) and actually manages to make some of the shtick he has to do more than merely competently funny.

Will Smith, unfortunately, doesn't. In fact, he fully lives down to the weak script.

In fact, films with Smith seem to play to the easy side of his characterisation -- the strutting blowhard who isn't nearly as competent -- or as funny -- as he likes to believe.

Add to that that this film is pretty much a rehash of the first, and that the basic McGuffin is instantly obvious to fans of either the Tom Baker-era "Doctor Who" or the fifth season of "Buffy", and you have a recipe for a film that is fun to watch for the special effects, not particularly offensive, and i'm really glad i didn't pay for a ticket to see it.

On teevee, as is often the case, some of the special effects that probably looked Really Kewl up on the big screen come across as not particularly impressive, particularly some of the opening subway sequence.

The best thing on the DVD is a short feature entitled "The Chubb Chubbs" -- a shaggy dog story akin to the old joke about "Big John's a-comin'!", in which a crummy bar on some cheesy planet is populated by characters like ET, Darth Vader, Robbie the Robot, the Robot from "Lost in Space" and so on. ((Given the comic book origins of "Men in Black", i found myself irresistibly reminded of a series entitled "Tales from Munden's Bar" that ran in the back of "Grimjack" years ago...))

If you haven't seen this film and you were thinking of doing so, my advice is to watch the first film again, instead.