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Well, I Dunno...
Cowboy Mouth

Fred's my friend. I don't wanna hurt his feelings.

That said, i gotta say -- this ain't all that great a CD for the Mouth.

Better than most bands generally achieve, but nothing special compared to their two indie studio efforts, "Word of Mouth" and "It Means Escape".

The best song is prolly Fred's "Drummer Man" -- after that it would be Paul's "Little Blue One"; the others are good-to-excellent, but not the band's best (back to that again).

This is the one that you buy after you buy the other four studio albums, if you're a completist.

But, no matter what -- you have GOTTA see them live to appreciate why even apparently-unmemorable material when it's on a studio album is {to use a phrase from Kinky Friedman's work} absolutely killer-bee when they do it live.