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How Long Do You Have To Work Before They Let You Be An "Overnite Success"?
Cowboy Mouth
If and when the Mouth ever break through and really hit it big, in most people's minds they'll probably be an "overnite success".

An "overnite success" -- despite more than ten years on the road...

Despite the fact that every album  they release is another high level of rock'n'roll accomplishment, they seem to be stuck playing pretty much the same clubs and venues they have been.

Well, this album is a bit different -- not necessarily more "mainstream", but maybe a little more "radio friendly". Myabe "Easy" is the album that gets them breakthrugh airplay and really puts them in peole's faces so that the world has to realise what a great band this is.

And then what will happen?

"Wow" people will say, "Where did they come from? Why haven't I heard of these guys before?!?"

I'll tell you why you haven't heard of Cowboy Mouth, Citizen -- and there are two reasons.

Reason 1: The radio formatters can't figure out what nice safe category to put them in (if there is one) and so they don't get much airplay. With luck, "Easy" may make this a *little* "easier" for them.

Reason 2: Even if/when they do get airplay -- as they often do on Atlanta's 99X -- you're not really listening, are you?

Oh, it's easy to rock along to the beat of "Jenny Says" or "Love of My Life", or to let "How Do You Tell Someone" drift bya nd sort of enjoy it without really listening to the pain in the lyric... but that's it.

This is music you gotta actually *listen* to -- it's not all done for you by the producer and the record label and the lowest-common-denominator songwritersw and "talent". This is not background music to your life. This is music to hear and *believe* in; music fit to change your life like rock'n'roll changed my generation's life in the Fifties and the Sixties.

Hardly anyone really listens to what Fred and Paul and Griff and Rob are saying; people just don't understand that this is rock and roll like rock and roll used to be -- the music that will never die.

Buy this album. It's not my favourite CM album, but it's still got some wonderful stuff on it. Buy *all* of their albums -- particularly "It Means Escape" and "Word of Mouth".

See them live when they come to your area. Dance and holler and sweat along with Fred. Holler out the refrains, sing along on "Down by the Riverside", jump up and scream when Fred says to, listen to JTG's beautiful guitar, Pauls's solid second lead/rhythm lines, Rob's mountain come-a-walkin' bass, and Fred's Armegeddon drums.

Join the Church of the Holy Rock'n'Roll, and party and shout when Fred calls for "a little more sound out there, y'all!"

And, when Cowboy Mouth achieve that "overnite sensation" status that they've so solidly deserved for ten years (and they will, if there's any justice in the world at all),and all of your friends are going "Wow -- have ya heard the great new band...", you can look unutterably cool and say "Well, sure -- don't you remember I told you about them last year?"