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Major Label at Last!
Are You With Me?
Cowboy Mouth
As usual when i review Cowboy Mouth, i'm confessing up front that i've known Fred since 1986, when i saw him sing "Jennie Says" for the first time in public (as drummer in Dash Rip Rock, who you also ought check out).

When Fred formed the Mouth, i was Right There -- this is an INCREDIBLE live band, and no CD has yet succeeded in capturing all of their power and drive... but all of their albums are worth owning.

As their major label debut, it was obligatory to put "Jennie" on this album, it's third waxing that i can recall (on DRR's "Ace of Clubs", on CM's indie debut, "Word of Mouth" and here) -- it's still a painfully well-drawn portrait of Fred's time with a girl friend who didn't understand anything about him.

Also making a second appearance (previously on their third indie, "It Means Escape") "How Do You Tell Someone" is a somewhat-different take on trying to End It.

"The Love of My Life", yet another love-gone-wrong song, is about the last stages of a relationship with a woman who has become so intensely self-centered that "... she's not the love of my life anymore ..."

The fourth really outstanding song on this one is rhythm guitarist Paul Sanchez's "Laughable", a bouncy ballad of indecision and self-disgust.