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29 November 2005
  Long-Running Independent Comics Publisher in Danger
Press Release from Claypool Comics (via Peter David's blog):

Contact David Seidman, Claypool Comics marketing director

Independent Publisher Reaches Out to Readers and Retailers

Diamond Comics Distributors has told Claypool Comics of plans to cancel the Claypool titles DEADBEATS and SOULSEARCHERS AND COMPANY, starting with the issues shipping in April, unless Claypool can push their sales up. That move would wipe out much of Claypool's line.

This news comes as Claypool is in the middle of a group of special issues. SOULSEARCHERS #76 and ELVIRA #153 (shipping in January) and DEADBEATS #76 (shipping in February) are "Jump In" issues written and drawn especially for new readers. Last year, when Claypool inaugurated the "Jump In" issues, they sold very well.

Claypool has asked retailers to order an extra copy of each "Jump In" issue. In addition, Claypool has asked readers to buy Claypool titles now and request that the retailers order the "Jump In" issues. The cover of SOULSEARCHERS' "Jump In" issue is on the Web at, while houses DEADBEATS' cover.

Claypool is backing up its requests with point-of-sale cards that retailers can put on their counters or use as bag stuffers. The cards tell readers about the issues and include a spot to check off which issues they'd like to buy.

DEADBEATS, by Marvel veterans Richard Howell and Ricardo Villagran, is a punk vampire soap opera that should appeal to fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and 30 Days of Night. SOULSEARCHERS, written and co-created by Peter David, is a super-hero satire featuring a group of supernatural investigators, featuring art by Joe Staton and covers by JSA Classified: Power Girl's Amanda Conner.

Claypool editor Richard Howell says, "Claypool Comics has always had a dedicated base of fans, most of whom are literate and educated people whose needs aren't always met by the current comics marketplace. A retailer who puts our comics on the shelves will most likely find that they continue to sell month after month. The consistency of our sales is undisputable, and we have every indication that if our books got more exposure, they'd sell strongly for many, many more retailers. Claypool Comics are and always have been a labor of love -- love of comics, that is. We're committed to good comics, and that makes our readers committed to us. Any retailer who wants to profit from that dedication and goodwill is enthusiastically invited along for the ride."

Claypool, which has published comics steadily since 1993, is known as "the publisher of hidden treasures" -- but it doesn't WANT to hide them!

Go buy them.

And buy Peter's new Fallen Angel (coming soon from IDW), as well.

Chadwick Saxelid says:
Lee, the Fallen Angel, returns once again to Bete Noire, as she does every night. Although there is no one is seated at her table, seeking her help, the night will prove an eventful one. Not only will Doctor Juris, the Magistrate of Bete Noire, be retiring at midnight, his son Jubal taking over the position, but someone from the Fallen Angel's past arrives with a message that could change her life forever. (more)
Buzzscope says:
Fallen Angel Soars Again With IDW
posted by Ronee Garcia Bourgeois
Come this December, Fallen Angel will be rising again. The critically acclaimed title, the brainchild of writer and co-creator Peter David (Angel: Old Times), was previously published by DC Comics. When that publisher chose to end its run, IDW was quick to contact David and see about keeping the title going. (more)
IDW says:
Fallen Angel #1 $3.99
One of the most critically acclaimed series of 2004 makes the jump to IDW, as new artist J.K. Woodward introduces readers to the enigmatic city of Bete Noire. In its shadows resides the Fallen Angel, whose origin has long been a mystery... until now. Much time has passed since we last saw her, and in the first issue of the new series, dreams of her long-suppressed past are surfacing and making her life even more torturous than it already is. Dreams that anticipate the return of someone from her past who may hold the key to her future. New York Times Bestselling author Peter David invites you to enter Bete Noire...and get ready for a long and spooky stay.
mike weber says:

The DC run was great, even limited as Peter was by the restraints of being a mature/adult-themed, creator-owned title published as part of the regular DC line, except not being allowed to use any DCU characters.

As a thrill machine, it could be compared to one of the better roller coasters you ever rode.

With (i'm sure) fewer restraints on Peter's creative process, this run promises to be like riding the same roller coaster backwards.

Standing up.

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