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27 December 2005
  Amusing Things
Skip The Boring Family Stuff and get straight to The Fun Stuff, if you like...

Hi. Been a couple days since i did a post -- i figure that my readers (all about two of you) would be busy Christmassing (our Xmas wasl owkey and somewhat boring, but later today, i'm driving down to visit my mother and my brother and his family and my sister an her family, so that's okay.

OTOH, i ordered my gifts for sister and family through Amazon, and, chintzy bastard that i am, i ordered used copies of the books (from more than one seller). Well, the Muppet Show Season 1 DVD set for mother and my brother's family came in.

The special 2-in-1 compilation book for my sister-in-law came in.

Volumes 1, 3, & 4 of "The Immortals" are in.

Volume 2, alack, is not.

I'm gonna wait till noon or so before leaving for Milner (it's like a two-hour drive but my sister isn't due there till 2PM or so) -- maybe the Nice Mailman will be here by then.


The Fun Stuff

The other day, i was reading my favourite webcomics, when, in the author's notes at the bottom of the page at Zap! (which you ought check out), i found a link to what was, he said, supposed to be an outtake from a Brit car commercial, in which the car apparently simply vanished.

After i checked that out, i bethought me of how there were other great places to find offbeat or funny videos. I wanted to post a link to the "TV Commercials" at TechnicalVirgin (Warning, site is PG13 at least), but they're not there, even though the rest of the site is. (ah-ha! Found a site that has it. Did you ever wonder why there's no such sin/crime a Gomorrahry?)

OTOH, i hunted around for some i recalled, and i found the Evil Ford SportKA commercial. [No animals or cars were hurt or killed in the making of this commercial (no matter how it looks)].

The infamous "Barbie-Dumps-Ken-for-GI-Joe" Nissan spot; used Van Halen's cover of the Kinks classic; would have been better with the original. (Mattel sued; i think they lost.)

I found a Mother Lode of great online video at Al Lowe's humor site.

(Overall, i'm glad i came to this guy's site via the video links rather than the main page; here in Atlanta we have generally come to regard the "Eat More Chikin" cows as Something That Ran Its Course Long Ago.)

And the radio commercials are even more worn out.

And i really really don't like their sandwiches, either.

Ummm. I'm sorry. Back to great online videos.
While virtually all the videos you can access from Lowe's site are neet, let me recommend a few that are worth seeking out:

For those of us who are tired and more than tired of the Computer Format Holy Wars, may i recommend "Every OS Sux", a sincere and succinct statement in the form of a lo-tech music video, what i'm sure must have been one of the more embarrassing moments in Bill Gates's life, in "Blue Screen of Death".

Which leads me to the Swiss Micro$oft commercial that ran until the home office saw it... "Password Required", forsooth.

Getting somewhat lower tech -- i can't understand a word, but the girl is cute and the "origami" is neet, in the Tee Shirt Folding clip.

I think the Flying Lawnmower really is flying. (The loops and hammerhead stall are particularly nice.)
Herding cats -- the Superbowl ad.

An ad i don't expect to see on my teevee any time soon -- for a sexy toy. (Warning: PG13) From GagReport, also source of the TechnicalVirgin clip a ways up the page.)

EEk. PuffyAmi Yumi perform the theme from the animated Teen Titans; those who recall Secret Agent may be amused.

And my absolute favourite -- the infamous "B****r" Toyota ad from New Zealand. (Ummm, make that "Toyota 'B****r' ad", i think.

Please forgive me for contacting you like this. I am just one British twentysomething who has come up with an idea that has attracted support and interest from Richard Branson, three television companies and a book company and I was wondering of you would like to spend £10 or $17 dollars in order to get your blog to the Globe.

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In order to cover the cost of this trip and website expenses etc I am seeking support from the blogging community. For the minor cost of £10 I will promote your blog on the day that you chose to sponsor, with a strap lilne of your choice and a link to your site, ensuring that the site that you are developing can be seen by many many people - all for only £10.

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All sponsorship will be added by the 15th January when, at the rate that the sponsorship places are going - there will be no spaces left. The pre-adventure and media exposire starts February in Australia.

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