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On Basilisk Station first of the Honor Harrington series by DW Making The Brass look bad is potentially career suicide;
Basilisk Station is the moral equivalent of a foot beat in Deepest Flatbush
The Honor of the Queen Harrington #2 Honor Harrington vs. a patriarchial fundamentalist religious planetary culture.
Both discover they've made some Incorrect Assumptions.
The Short Victorious War Harrington #3 The Bad Guys make some Bad Assumptions of their own.
Field of Dishonor
Field of Dishonor {HC}
Harrington #4 The most terrible battles are not necessarily fought in outer space, nor the costliest with steel...
Flag In Exile Harrington #5 If Manticore won't use her talents,
the  Lord Protector of Grayson isn't that dumb...
Honor Among Enemies
Honor Among Enemies {HC}
Harrington #6 "My, that was exciting, wasn't it?"
"For some more than for others, Ma'am..."
In Enemy Hands
In Enemy Hands {HC}
Harrington #7 Captured by her worst enemy.
Only a traitor can save her now...
Echoes of Honor
Echoes of Honor {HC}
Harrington #8 Most recent adventure of HH to date; back ((literally)) from Hell.
More Than Honor Anthology By Divers Hands, including DW
Worlds of Honor Anthology Stories by DW and others set in his universe.